Optical Medical

Mission Statement

To become a symbol of excellence in Optical Industry by providing high standard vision care services and utmost  customer satisfaction.

Company Profile

Masood Optical Company (MOC) came into existence on 1st July 1984 when Mr. Masood Ahmed Siddiqui, under the visionary guidance of his father Mr. Mahmood Ahmed Siddiqui opened the first MOC Outlet in Islamabad, Pakistan. The father and son planned for MOC’s express growth and expansion of services, but not without building a foundation of highest quality patient care and products that stand the test of time. It became their vision to offer patients a complete line of competitively priced eyewear that is fashionable and functional under professional care of qualified Doctors of Optometry.
Mr. Masood, being a qualified Optician fully devoted his professional life for the progress and growth of company amid ensuring high quality of eye care services, which were lately followed by his younger brothers, Mr. Abdul Rahman Siddiqui and Mr. Rizwan-ur-Rahman Siddiqui.
It was then 1st August 2001, when another milestone achieved with an inaugural of another MOC branch. The aim for another branch was just to serve the customers effectively and efficiently.


During the successful period of over twenty years, Masood Optical has surely embedded the following as regular features to its services:

  1. One-Stop Solution Provider with a variety of Frames, Sunglasses and Contact lenses.
  2. Our state-of-the-art Workshop facility, produce customized glasses to suit specific needs of the patients.
  3. Ensuring the customers get most qualified and experienced Optometrists services for sight testing, along with Eye Surgeons availability on panel.
  4. Social welfare services such as conducting free eye care clinics in remote and underdeveloped areas with renowned doctors and NGO’S. Seminars and other public events to create awareness of the latest emerging trends in an optical Industry being conducted on periodical basis.

The Vision

Though MOC has not transformed itself into a giant commercial chain, today, with two strategically located outlets, MOC has grown to become one of the most respected Optical and Eye Care Stores and undoubtedly the patients’ most preferred Optometrist in Islamabad.
We are proud of our history and excited about the future as we continue to help MOC patients enjoy the best vision possible. After all, we’re not Masood Optical by chance, but by choice. We’ve grown into our name and will continue to work hard at keeping our patients satisfied and coming back with their family and friends to benefit from MOC’s long tradition of excellence in quality eye care and eyewear.
MOC perpetually endeavor to get acquainted with ever changing trends in an Optical Industry at even an International Level, to make it available locally.

Combining professionalism and personal attention of Eye Specialists’ support, MOC assures its patients to continuous providing of the highest quality eye care services, as we don’t believe in the second best.